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Established in 1977, at that time "Orchid" was a small factory that cooperated with enterprises to manufacture horn speakers and sirens. The ex-factory owner Mr. Yen Chin-Fa was an experienced technician in R&D, his inventing research and developments advanced products throughout its design structures, selection of raw materials and the manufacturing process. These highly reputed quality products quickly attracts orders from worldwide, and soon the factory expanded and was re-positioned as an international inventing developments and trading company, known as today's "Orchid Radio Co.,Ltd." Since the 1980s, "Orchid" has been a famous brand in the field of electronics.

In 1990, Orchid entered the field of governmental tenders for police, military and fire-control. The company lunched many product series such as warning lightbar, warning lights, emergency siren amplifiers, traffic signals, policeman uniform equipment, megaphones, spot lights and some other special products. As well as for domestic trading, Orchid was already exporting products globally including America, Africa, and many places in Asia.

Since 2000, our company allocated big capital and many resources in researching HID conversion kits for headlight. Attribute to many years' experiences in electronic ballast for lamps, Orchid's HID ballast was successfully devised in 2001 and its series brand “POLAR” illuminated the international market during the following year.

Toward 2010, Orchid is a sophisticated and professional manufacturer not only in road safety equipment, but now also a well-rooted brand in fashionable auto accessories. As a trusted brand, today Orchid continues developing prevalent products toward potential market demand. and we are aiming to devote every efforts to launching more competitive products for our customers .


Several products designed by Orchid Radio Co., Ltd. have been honored as follows:

  • 1993 "Bronze-Medal" from IENA Nurnburg Germany International Invention Show (for multi-function traffic baton)
  • 1993 "Inventive Patent" from National Bureau of Standards (for electronic ballast) ·
  • 1993 "Golden Brain" award from National Invention Exhibition ·
  • 1994 "Bronze-Medal of Research & Invention" from President Lee Den-Hway ·
  • 1994 "Silver-Medal" from IENA Nurnburg Germany International Invention Show (for electronic ballast) ·
  • 1994 "Silver-Medal" from mainland China Innovation Show ·
  • 1980-1999 reaches almost 50 of patents designed for unique circuits or functions or features, and successfully created to be saleable commodities of Orchid's products.
  • Independence, 100% private capital
  • Stable financial wealth
  • We possess universal endowment with experienced staffs of engineers and industrial designers as practical base for wide range of technical capabilities that enable to assist our clients by creating innovative products in license-base of OEM or ODM projects.
  • Top-level overall quality management and continuous improvement toward customer satisfaction are our key point to maintain company’s steady growth.
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