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HID conversion kits,
XenonMade in Taiwan Patent
Xenon HID bulb,
Ballast for vehicle's headlight & spotlight

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HID (High Intensity Discharge) emits light by using “Arc Discharging” theory, which is similar to the thunder flash phenomenon. The lamp releases steady and brighter light that causes by the reaction of the Xenon air, chemical elements (metal halide etc.) inside the lamp and continuous ignition of electronic ballast.
Polar HID conversion kits
HID vs. Halogen
Advantages of HID over Halogen:
※ Triple Brightness (measured in lumen).
※ Life span: around 10 times (± 2000 hours)
※ Energy consumption: save almost 40%.
(Halogen: ± 55W, HID: ± 35W)
Main part of POLAR HID kits consists of:
※ 2 ballasts
※ 2 bulbs
※ Relay & Harness for particular type
※ Socket converter for particular type
※ 100% designed, manufactured and assembled in Taiwan by professional engineer & staff
※ Suitable for almost all kinds of vehicles
※ Do not have to distinguish the polarities of the headlamp plug during installation
※ Automatic emergency turn off upon abnormal condition ex. on accident etc.
※ EMC tested and proofed
※ ECE tested and proofed.
※ Obtained patents in United States, Japan, Germany and other countries
※ Light bulb and ballast can be replaced separately
Burner TestingBulb TestingBallast TestingEnvironmental Testing
H4 High/Low BeamLow Beam with HarnessLow Beam without HarnessMotorcycle kits
Polarity picture
Type Available
  ※ Complete set with Harness: H4-Low, H4-High/Low, 9004, 9007
※ Complete set without Harness: H1, H3, H7, 9005 (HB3), 9006 (HB4)
※ Bulb only: D2S
Feature & benefit of our H4-High/Low Beam
Own designed particular kits and gained patents in many countries likes U.S.A., Germany, Japan etc..
- Consume less power than others manufacturers' kits.
Switching to High/Low beam by using sliding mechanism;
burner of bulb moves backward (only consume 0.25 A) when switching to High Beam,
then consume no electricity when maintaining Low Beam position.
- Providing steady light normally, no blink, no flash when switch between High-Beam and Low-Beam.
- No overheat problem exist. Our H4-High/Low beam won’t work improperly (jammed)
at high temperature condition during driving.
- Miniature and flexible construction that enable our H4-H/L can be easily installed on vehicle's headlight.
Color Temperature
Emit whitish yellow light (not so yellow as conventional Halogen)
Emit blueish white light
Emit blueish white light (a little bit more blue than 6500K)
Emit blue light
Headlight Contrastive Table
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